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JUST RELEASED! July 16, 2021

grOw/cinema 2:
grOwing to a Crescendo

Episode 2: "Audition"

The exciting 2nd chapter of this NEW series!

After spending a night of expansive bliss with Melody, Harmon is introduced to someone who will offer him a job to actually use his special talent as a performer. But first, he must pass the audition before he is hired.

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New Artwork, sketches, sequences,
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Released January 5, 2021

grOw/cinema 1:
The Ever-Expanding Universe

Episode XVIII:
"Planetary Con-drunk-tion"

The exciting 18th chapter of this series!

Carl and Nayshya head back to his dorm room, where a beavy of beauties awaits him to join him at his party, one that will surely raise the roof. It's at the end of the day and Carl plans to have it go out with a bang!

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Completed, full 8-issue series!

Milking the Plot

grOw/cOmic 6

The Hollarin' Huskies cheerleader team sought shelter from a storm in a remote barn. But this was all part of a larger plot, as three of the girls had a secret wager to see who could "score the most" with Dan, the lone male on the team — and this barn was the chosen setting. Settling in until the roads were clear, they began a drinking contest. However, unexpectedly, most of the girls' breasts start to grow, shocking everyone (and tittilating a few).

Available in Premium or Standard Editions!

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grOwing Appreciation

97-page, 5-issue Series!

Jack is torn between the love of his girlfriend and
his love of giantesses. What does he do when
they are one in the same?

The popular, GTS-focused grOw/cOmic!

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Voluntary Response

grOw/stOry 17

Renée loved her boyfriend, Jay. She would do anything to make him happy. Knowing he was an avid boob-man, she decided to take part in clinical trial for a new lactation-inducing drug that had "swelling of the breasts" as a common side effect. However, things do not go as planned, and the research doctor behind the new drug "has a past history" of his product's side effects going... awry.

Written by Mr. B., the author of "The BE InsTITute" and "BEaver Lake Summer Camp"

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The wildly popular grOw/stOry


grOw/stOry 15

“Gigantomastic-sized” release:
• 40,000+ words!
• 22 full-page, color illustrations!
• Original story included!

Brian soon found out — to his surprise and delight — that his awkward and demure girlfriend was not only cute, but could easily perform sexual acts that would make a porn star faint. She also was not quite... human.

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