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JUST RELEASED! Sept. 2, 2014

OutgrOwing Denise

grOw/stOry 18

Clara was infatuated with her roommate, Denise, a brilliant science major. When Denise asked her to help with a sexual experiment, Clara could not resist. However, when she mistakenly becomes part of the experiment, Clara finds her breasts, ass, and libido each begin to... grOw!

Written by Tristan Langley, the author of the grOw/stOry, "Succubus".

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Voluntary Response

grOw/stOry 17

Renée loved her boyfriend, Jay. She would do anything to make him happy. Knowing he was an avid boob-man, she decided to take part in clinical trial for a new lactation-inducing drug that had "swelling of the breasts" as a common side effect. However, things do not go as planned, and the research doctor behind the new drug "has a past history" of his product's side effects going... awry.

Written by Mr. B., the author of "The BE InsTITute" and "BEaver Lake Summer Camp"

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The Blooming of Bonnie

grOw/stOry 16

“Gigantomastic-sized” release:
• 35,700+ words!
• 22 full-page, color illustrations!
• Original story included!

Eighteen-year-old Bonnie only just found out about the true nature of sex when her friend decides to teach the shy girl upon her ascension into adulthood. But she soon finds out to her shock, that when she gets sexually excited, her breasts grow — and can grow quite big. Unbeknownst to Bonnie, others already know that she has this power, and forces are at work against her before she can discover her full potential.

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The wildly popular grOw/stOry


grOw/stOry 15

“Gigantomastic-sized” release:
• 40,000+ words!
• 22 full-page, color illustrations!
• Original story included!

Brian soon found out — to his surprise and delight — that his awkward and demure girlfriend was not only cute, but could easily perform sexual acts that would make a porn star faint. She also was not quite... human.

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The popular GTS-focused grOw/cOmic!

grOwing Appreciation

97-page, 5-issue Series!

Jack is torn between the love of his girlfriend and
his love of giantesses. What does he do when
they are one in the same?

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The popular multi-themed grOwth series

grOwing Desires

112-page, 6-issue series — NOW ON SALE!

Lynn wants to rock her boyfriend Jon's socks off on their first night together. However, her plans are dashed when the dorm gets locked down by military forces and the girls start mysteriously growing in various ways. Jon, who stayed hidden in the dorm, gets caught in between (under, on top of, and enveloped by) the bevy of expanding beauties.

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