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Help    Some quick answers to frequently asked issues. If you do not see the answer here,
go to the Contact page to email me.

How are the cOmics and stOries delivered?

Upon completion of a successful order, you will be presented with an invoice on screen. At the top of this page is your instant download link. Click the link to access the Download page.

You will also be send a copy of this invoice/link via email. If you missed the download link onscreen, and do not receive this email link, contact me.

The order completed, but I did not receive a download link.

Something with the order flagged it for review. I will need to look it over to see what the problem is. Contact me to alert me for quicker response.

I am getting errors opening the PDF.

All PDFs are checked for compatilibility. It may be that your PDF Viewer is out of date or corrupt. I highly recommend downloading and installing the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader from their website. It's free!

I had trouble downloading and now it says that my download attempts have been used up.

Contact me. I can reset the limits.

I wanted to check if I ordered a particular item, but it was at your older website. How can I do this?

Unfortunately, with the demise of my old website, ALL information on accounts and orders is irrevocably gone. My old Host shutdown without notice and would not let any of his customers access their databases. I have no — and will never be able to get — any order or account information from orders made before June 6, 2012.