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Meet me at SizeCon! Feb 15-16, 2020    in New Jersey.

SizeCon! Feb 15-16, 2020 in New Jersey!

What is SizeCon?

As their website states: "SizeCon is an event for anyone who yearns to get together and explore their size fascination with other like minds. At the convention, you can expect a welcoming environment to talk about your interests, panels discussing the same, and artists from across the size spectrum in our Artists’ Alley."

It is a gathering for "size lovers" —  all sorts: GTS, mini-GTS, Inflation, Expasnion (including Breast Expansion, yay!), Shrinking (men & women), and includes relationships and interacting with the community.

Check out SizeCon.com for more info. Also see their DeviantArt page. Tickets available at sizecon site.

What will I , BustArtist, be doing at SizeCon?

I'll have my own little table along Artist Alley. Stop by and say "hi". I will also have tons of old and original drawings, including many of the original pencil roughs for the grOw/cOmic and grOw/stOry illustrations.

I will have con-exclusive artwork for purchase! 6 pieces of unpublished art, each 8.5" x 11" and on high-quality, glossy cardstock will be available. Some of the artwork will be of size genres I've never done before — namely blueberry, shrunken woman, and shrunk man (this may be also considered as GTS for non-purists).

I will also be on a few of the panels (Size & Relationships panel and Inflation & Expansion panel). Juliekat, my wife, will also be on the Relationships panel with me, as well as on the Ladies' Panel.