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A new type of format comic series!
grOw/cinema 2:
 grOwing to a Crescendo 

An exciting, NEW series drawn in the style
of a big-screen movie.

Episode I:   “Overture”


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• Episode 1
69-frame premiere issue!

• Downloadable PDF.

Harmon has a special ability — the power to change the size of body parts, either his or someone he touches. One day, he meets someone who helps him expand his powers. This leads to lots of expansion fun. But intrigue and danger are hiding in the shadows.

Breast Expansion (inate: big, huge)

Ass expansion (slim to Kardashian+)

Penis expansion (average to super porn star)

Pussy expansion (big)

PHeight increase (some)

Strong sexual situations (MF, MFF)


Downloadable PDF file.

Episode 1 of an on-going series.
75 pages, 69 image panels and cover poster.
Released March 26, 2021.